Nolet Jeneverstokerij-Distilleerderij

Hoofdstraat 14
3114 GG Schiedam

010 – 246 29 29
010 – 426 37 46 (fax)

  • Jeneverstoker

For over three centuries, the Nolet family of Schiedam, Holland has been producing the world’s finest and smoothest distilled spirits using the original processes and formulas established by the distillery’s founder, Joannes Nolet in 1691. The family’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and their refusal to sacrifice quality for quantity have been passed down from father to son for more than 10 generations.

The most striking embodiment of the Nolet family’s history of excellence is the internationally renowned Ketel One Vodka. In Holland, Ketel 1 Jenever adds to the Nolet reputation of excellence.